Spring has arrived !

After a long cold winter season, the Spring has finally arrived and Sakura is in its full bloom now !!
The ephemera flower shedding its beautiful pink petals is beautiful beyond words ...


Last week, I took a week off from work and decided to indulge in things I've wanted to do.
I finally got together again with one of my dearest friends, Brendan - a fantastic friend and a wonderful artist - and
we spent the whole day together; visiting the Prado Museum Exhibition, having good Sushi and to finish the the day off
eating cake at a cafe.

I've been looking forward to the Exhibit since I became quite infatuated with Spanish music last year.
I thought there might be some links to the Spanish music and paintings.
But to be honest, had I not have had Brendan to point out certain things to watch out for, I would've been very disappointed - so somber were the paintings. No beautiful scenes as with the French Impressionists, where one can admire its pastel colors and the softness and delicacy of the paintings. Nor was there a strong vivid color expressions where one sensed a drama in the paintings. No, it was ( to my uncultivated eyes and knowledge on art ) simply dark absolute stillness and rather depressing. The somberness in itself was no surprise as I felt it in their music as well. But there had been a dark passion behind it, which fascinated me with the music. But Brendan explained to me the light and shadow of their expression.

It's pure joy to have a friend, with whom you can be completely open and pour your heart out without any fear of being misunderstood or judged. Thank you for the wonderful day, Brendan !

Then, another day, I went to see the Noh performance under the cherry blossom.
The whole idea of watching such performance outdoor was romantic !

Noh performance

with Motoko

Motoko and I enjoying our Maccha tea and cake afterwards.
Then we all went to this Restaurant/Cafe, where they only serve fermented food !
So delicious and I also fell in love with the cafe itself !





2019年5月 Trinity Music Exam Accompaniment