Tackling Spanish Music

I seem to have "phase" where I get into certain composers, specific era or type of music, every now and then.
Since the past 3 years, I had been infatuated with Russian music and composers.
I would then try and get all the innformation I can about anything "Russian".
And so, I would gradually get the feel for the time and style of the music and then my interpretation emerges out of it.

Well, I can't yet say how much I'll be "involved" with this new phase, but
it's now Spanish.
Though I must admit I am more or less forcing myself to get to know this special genre of music.
The more emotions and styles I get to know, the more I can add on to my musically expressional palatte, and
thus ...Spanish now !

For some reason, de Falla's "Fantasie Baetica" had been on to tackle on list since I was a student but
never quite made it to actually start working on it.
But the time has come.

While I was in Vietnam, I would try and listen /watch Flamenco music on Youtube ( thank God we have this nowadays !) to
learn about Flamenco music and its characteristics.
I am also thinking of asking my friend, who's a professional flamenco dancer to introduce me to the dance and music soon.

Recently, I've talked to my friend in Germany about the possible concert programme for Ddorf this fall and
she said "French-Spanish" programme would be great.
Et voila !

I'll be with Spanish music the second half of this year !!
Wish me luck !





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